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Installing Windows Updates

Windows Updates ensure that your server is both up-to-date and secure with each release. These updates will ultimately provide additional security and improve the overall reliability of Windows services such as with a Windows Dedicated hosting package.

Note: In order to apply Updates to your server, you will need to connect via Remote Desktop (RDP). For additional instructions on how to initiate a remote connection through RDP please refer to the following article:

Please follow the below steps to install Windows Updates:

Note: These steps are for both Windows Desktop (Windows 8, 7) and Server (2008 R2, 2012 R2, 2016) environments.
Please repeat the steps within this article for installing Windows Updates until no further updates are found.

How to Manually Install Windows Updates 

  1. Select the Start key and type in 'Update'.
  2. Click on Windows Update.
  3. Select Check now and allow Windows to look for recent updates.
  4. If updates are found, click on the X Important Updates are Available link to install the updates.
  5. The next page will allow you to choose which updates you wish to install. Click Install when finished selecting.
  6. Some updates will require you to read and accept the license terms before continuing. Select Finish to accept and initiate the update.
  7. Once completed, you may be asked to Restart for the changes to take affect. Select Restart Now.
Note: Do not select Shut Down but instead choose to Restart Now when prompted.

If you wish to set up automated Windows Updates in the future, please see the following information :

Automatic Windows Updates

Automated Windows Updates will already be configured on the server. If you would like to change the update schedule, please contact us via phone or chat for assistance.