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Install Scripts and Web Applications with QuickInstall


The QuickInstall tool powered by MOJO Marketplace allows fast and easy installation of scripts, including CMS (Joomla, Drupal), Blogs (WordPress), e-commerce software (Magento), and over 70 other open-source applications.

How To Use QuickInstall

  1. Log in to your cPanel.
  2. Look for the Software section, then click on QuickInstall.


  3. Once inside the QuickInstall menu, you will have a wide variety of options to install and manage the software available. You may install applications from the list of software under the One Click Installs tab.

    One Click Install

  4. Locate the software you wish to install from the left-hand menu by expanding the software categories.
  5. Some software will have a variety of installation options and additional packages you may purchase. Click on the Install button to initiate installation.

    QuickInstall - Click Install Button

  6. Once you have entered your configuration information, click the Install button to continue.

    QuickInstall - Fill Out Form

  7. A bar at the top of the page will indicate that QuickInstall is running and inform you of your install's progress.

    QuickInstall - View Credentials

  8. You may then click View Credentials from the bar at the top of the page to receive your Admin URL, username, and password.
  9. You may manage your installed scripts by clicking the My Installs tab at the top menu.

    QuickInstall - My Installs

  10. You may purchase premium themes, templates, and even specialized WordPress services directly from MOJO Marketplace by clicking either of these two tabs:

    Themes & Templates

    QuickInstall - Themes and templates

    WordPress Services

    WordPress Services

  11. You may link your Mojo Marketplace account by logging into the My Account area at the top left-hand sidebar with your MOJO Marketplace credentials.

    Mojo - My Account

How Do I Get QuickInstall

QuickInstall is already available on our Linux Shared and Reseller hosting. However, this feature is currently only available to some customers. We do recommend using and managing your installs through the Softaculous application of cPanel.

For VPS with cPanel and Linux Dedicated Servers, you can request QuickInstall by contacting us via phone or Live Chat. QuickInstall is FREE upon request.

QuickInstall is not available on VPS with Plesk or Windows hosting.