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I Want to Buy One Dedicated IP and Make it Shared

Yes, it is possible to purchase a dedicated IP address and make it shared.

VPS and Dedicated

You can set any of your dedicated IPs to be used as the shared IP for your clients.
  1. In the Reseller Center, choose the owner's username in the bottom drop down, then click the far right link "Manage Main Shared/Ipless Ip".
  2. Select a dedicated ip to become a new shared ip.
  3. Go back to the WHM menu and click on "Change Multiple Sites' IP Addresses" and do a search by the owner user name to check the box for the domains to be changed.
  4. Click the "Change IPs of Selected Accounts" button at the bottom of the page. Then you can use the drop down box for each of the domains and choose the new shared ip address, NOT (main shared ip).


It is possible to set a dedicated IP address to be used as shared. HostGator must set this up for you. Please order your SSL certificate and then contact us via phone or Live Chat with the details.

However, due to the shortage of IPv4 addresses, it is no longer possible to buy a single dedicated IP address, then assign it to all of your accounts as a shared IP address without an SSL certificate. All additional IP addresses on your account (which are typically dedicated IPs) need to be associated with a valid SSL certificate.