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Can I Change My Domain Name?

If you are dissatisfied with the domain name you previously registered, you are welcome to register a new name that you prefer. In doing so, you will own both names. Once the domain registration for the original name is ready to expire, simply forgo renewal (i.e. do not pay the renewal fee).

HostGator is happy to assist you in changing the primary domain for your account. Before contacting us to make the change, please be sure to read:

Please see the sections below for additional resources, information, and our full policies:

Does HostGator Allow Domain Name Tasting?

What is domain tasting?

Domain tasting, also known as domain kiting, is the practice of registering domain names to test the marketing power of a name. If the name is undesirable, the owner attempts to reverse the domain purchase.


Is this allowed?

You may do whatever you want with the domain names you register, but HostGator will not allow you to refund your domain names.

This is due to a new policy created by ICANN. They want to prevent domain tasting and domain sniping, so they have limited the number of domain purchases that can be reversed by any registrar. This means we can only unregister a domain name under the most serious circumstances, and even then, you will not be refunded.

I Just Registered a Domain Name, and Want to Change or Cancel It

Normally, once you purchase a domain name and the order is processed, it is yours for the duration of registration and cannot be canceled, with the following exception:


If there is a trademark issue or copyright violation with the domain that has been recently registered, then you can request that HostGator unregister the offending domain name at any time for purposes of avoiding litigation; however, there is no refund for this.

HostGator Full Domain Registration Refund Policy

All domain name registrations, renewals, and transfers are non-refundable. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Hosting with Domain Registration - 45 Day Refund Policy

Domain refunds will only be considered if they were ordered in conjunction with a hosting package. Eligibility for a domain refund is not guaranteed and will be determined at the time of cancellation.

Refund requests for .com, .net. and .org domain names made within the 45 day money-back guarantee period will have the common market value subtracted for those TLDs.

Unfortunately, any ccTLD domain name purchases made are non-refundable.

For more information on the complete details of our money-back guarantee, please refer to section six of HostGator's Terms of Service: