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How to View an Optimized WordPress

Viewing an Optimized WordPress account can be as simple as pointing your domain to the account using the name servers provided when you create your new blog. Users installing WordPress for subdomains or who wish to view sites in development without pointing their domain would be unable to use name servers.

To point your DNS to your Optimized WordPress account without using name servers or to view a site in development, we also include your Shared IP in the welcome email, which may be used at your DNS host. Your DNS host is determined by the name servers you are using.

How to View an Optimized WordPress Without Pointing a Domain

Many users may wish to view and develop an Optimized WordPress site while their domain is pointed elsewhere before making their site live. The best method for doing this is to modify the hosts file on your local computer, telling it which IP to check your domain for rather than the location that it is pointed to.

To do this, you'll need to use the Shared IP provided in your welcome email and take the steps outlined in the following article:

If You Are Using Optimized WordPress Name servers

If your domain is already using Optimized WordPress name servers to point your domain to another Optimized WordPress installation, please contact us via phone or live chat.

If You Use Other HostGator Name servers

If you are using HostGator name servers, you may use the following article for modifying an A record for your domain or subdomain to point to your Shared  IP from cPanel, WHM, or Plesk:

If You Do NOT Use HostGator Name servers

If you are not using HostGator name servers, you will need to either contact your current DNS host. If you are not currently using a host to manage the DNS for your domain, many registrars will create DNS records for you, allowing you to create an A record with your Shared IP without third-party DNS hosting.

For domains registered with HostGator that do not have a  hosting account to control the DNS with, please contact us via phone or chat for assistance with pointing your domain.