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How To Transfer A Domain


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A domain transfer is similar to how your vehicle's registration may work. You pay yearly (or longer) for the rights to use that vehicle under a specified State. (or in the case of the domain, the State is the "Registrar")

Likewise, you can transfer those rights to a different location (Registrar) who will maintain that registration and its renewals on behalf of you, the Registrant. Your domain always belongs to The Registrant; however, the rights to use that domain rests with your Registrar. This article will cover how to move a domain to your HostGator account.

Pro Tip: As you can imagine, there are some benefits and drawbacks when linking a domain vs. transferring a domain. Since moving a domain can be a time-consuming process with several hurdles along the way, you may want to consider linking your domain instead.

For Registrar Specific Instructions, Check this Out:

Transferring Your Domain Away From:

Domain Transfer Overview

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IMPORTANT: Currently, you can only transfer domains older than 60 days with the following TLD's:
.bid; .biz; .blue; .build; .buzz; .bz; .ca; .cc; .club; .cn.com; .co.uk; .com; .dance; .democrat; .eu; .futbol; .immobilien; .in; .in.net; .info; .kim; .la; .me; .me.uk; .menu; .mn; .mobi; .name; .net; .ninja; .online; .org; .org.uk; .pink; .pw; .red; .reviews; .shiksha; .site; .social; .sx; .trade; .tv; .uno; .us; .webcam; .website; .wiki; .ws; .xyz

Before Beginning a Transfer

If you would like HostGator to become your domain's registrar, there are a few things to ensure before making the jump.

First: You'll want to make sure your domain was registered for at least 60 days and that we adequately support it. You can review any WHOIS directory to confirm the exact dates.

Note: Keep in mind, due to technical limitations of our system, it is not possible to transfer domains already registered with "Public Domain Registry" or "PDR ltd." to HostGator.

Secondly: Verify that any domain privacy or theft protection has been disabled on the domain. Again, You can review any WHOIS directory to see if the Privacy removal has taken effect.

Lastly: Before Starting the Transfer, you'll want to verify that you have access to the registrant's email address on file with your current registrar. If you do not have access to this email or do not know what it is, you may need to update that to an email address you will be able to access during the duration of the domain transfer process.

Submitting a Request for Transfer to HostGator:

Once you have requested the authorization code from your current domain registrar, the EPP, or the transfer code, you must email the necessary details below to one of our advisors here: support@HostGator.com.

Please ensure your email subject is 'Domain Transfer Request.'

  • Domain name:
  • Name domain is registered:
  • Full address registered to:
  • Email address registered to:
  • Registered telephone number:
  • EEP/Authorization/secret code:

IMPORTANT: The information you provide in the support email must match the information available in the WHOIS database. During this time, you will want to pay close attention to your email (including the junk or spam folder) over the next few days, as you will receive several emails that may require your approval to complete the domain transfer process.

Completing a Transfer

Once you've completed the above steps and the status of the domain in the WHOIS shows “Pending Transfer,” it will take between 7-10 working days to complete the transfer and receive validation from your current domain registrar.

Once the domain arrives in your HostGator, you will need to reach out to support to update your DNS records.

Pro Tip: It’s important to remember that you cannot transfer a domain within 60 days of purchase per ICANN rules. However, you can still point the DNS/ Nameservers ahead of transferring within 60 days of purchase. For help pointing your domain to us, you can either review our How To Link A Domain help guide or reach out to your current registrar for assistance.

Additional Options

If you would prefer to keep your domain with your current host, no worries, you can link your existing domain to your HostGator account by following these steps: How To Link A Domain.

If you are attempting to transfer your domain away from HostGator or having trouble with any action described in this process, please feel free to reach out to the support team, and an advisor will clarify these steps for you.