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How to Tell if You Are on a New or Legacy Hosting Package

At HostGator, we continue to improve our system to ensure you have all the features you need to manage your account with us. With this in mind, we upgraded our Shared, VPS, and Dedicated hosting packages. The new packages provided improved tools, faster provisioning, and enhanced billing features to allow more control over your account.

These new hosting packages are available for new signups. As for the legacy packages, we have diligently worked to migrate them over to the new packages. These transitioned legacy accounts provide improved tools and provisioning but may have most, not all, of the updated billing features.

To know if your account is using a new hosting package, you will need to confirm your hosting Package ID prefix. This article will help determine if you're on a New or Legacy hosting package.

HostGator is working to show the Package ID prefix in different locations. For the moment, the following is one way to view the Package ID prefix to find out if you are on a New or Legacy hosting plan. 

What hosting package do you have - New or Legacy hosting?

  • New Shared / KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) VPS / Dedicated hosting
    • New Shared - Package ID begins with SW for Shared hosting.
    • New KVM VPS - Package ID begins with VH for VPS hosting.
    • New Dedicated - Package ID begins with DH for Dedicated hosting.
  • Legacy Shared / VPS / Dedicated hosting
    • Legacy Shared - Package ID begins with SH for the Shared hosting.
    • Legacy VPS - Package ID begins with VPS for VPS hosting.
    • Legacy Dedicated - Package ID begins with DC for Dedicated hosting.

KVM VPS vs Legacy VPS

Legacy Shared vs. New Shared Package IDs

The sample images above show the Package IDs of the New and Legacy VPS and Shared hosting plans.

How to locate your Package ID

The sample images below show the Package ID of VPS hosting; however, the instructions for finding the Package IDs for other hosting packages are the same.

  1. Log in to your Customer Portal.
  2. Navigate to the Hosting section.

    HostGator Customer Portal - Hosting Tab

  3. Click on Manage underneath the primary domain of the hosting plan.

    Manage Package

  4. On the top-left side, you will find the Package ID below your domain name.

    Package ID

Here are helpful articles discussing the newly added features to our Shared, KVM VPS, and Dedicated hosting packages.

Please note that not all hosting packages have the functionality to change the billing cycle in the Customer Portal. This is only available for new Shared (SW), KVM VPS (VH), and Dedicated (DH) hosting plans. If the account was transitioned from the Legacy VPS (VPS) to the KVM VPS (VH), this functionality wouldn't be available to them.
Need additional assistance? HostGator's Support is here to help. Please contact us via phone or Live Chat so we can assist!