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How to Set Your Preferences FlashFXP


FlashFXP is highly configurable, listed below are where you can find or make the proper setting changes to be adjusted to accommodate your tastes and workflow.

  1. Go to Options
  2. Select Preferences

The general settings for FlashFXP such as Logging, Live Updates, Confirmations, Options, Sound Events can all be found listed under said General section. If you are wishing to edit the action of when you drag or click your mouse, you may do so in the actions setting, also listed under the General section of your settings.

Listing Proxy IPs that you plan to use, Identities, Adjusting the time to keep the connection open, such as utilising a Keep Alive; SFTP Encryptions and Data Connections to your FTP server can be toggled within the Connections section.

To control the display of your program or control the different ways of viewing, you can easily toggle these settings under the Interface section of the settings.