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How to Set Up Your goMobi Mobile Website


A quick walk-through on setting up your goMobi mobile website.

Get started by logging into your goMobi control panel.

  1. Login to your cPanel.
  2. Click on goMobi Integration.
  3. Select the domain name for the mobile site you are creating.
    • If you have not ordered yet, click on Activate to order goMobi.
    • If you have already ordered, click on Configure to open the goMobi Control Panel.

Design Tab

Under the first tab called Design, you will provide the basic information about your mobile website.


In this section, you can enter your site's name and a description of your business or website.

Language & Region

In this section, you can specify the language and time zone of your business or website.

Business Sectors

To help search engines find your site, select the most appropriate business sector for your business.

Logo Carousel

You can add your logo to your mobile website by uploading it in this section or choose to use an image carousel with a maximum of six images complete with an optional link that can be added to each image.


Select a theme and icon set for your mobile website. You can click on the displayed theme to view it and see what it looks like.

Site Colors

Next, you will select a color scheme. You can pick from the ones suggested, or use the Advanced Options to create your own.

"Whats New" Pop-up Notification

The first time site owners launch the goMobi Control Panel after a goMobi release we will display a "What's New" window to highlight the new feature functionality and feature enhancements that have been added since they last accessed the Control Panel.

Features Tab

Next, we will click on the features tab and start selecting over 30 features to add to your mobile website.