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How To Rename Database Tables in phpMyAdmin


This article discusses how to rename your database tables through phpMyAdmin with cPanel or Plesk.

The phpMyAdmin may look slightly different in the video below; however, the steps described should still be the same.

To rename a database table:

  1. Log in to the cPanel.
  2. Look for the Databases section, then click phpMyAdmin.

    cPanel - phpMyAdmin

  3. Once the phpMyAdmin page loads, locate your database on the left pane, then click the + icon to expand and see its tables.

    phpMyAdmin - Select Database

  4. Once collapsed, all tables of that database will be displayed. Select the table you want to rename.

    phpMyAdmin - Tables in Database

  5. Once the table is selected, click on the Operations tab.

    phpMyAdmin - Opertions tab

  6. In the Table Options section, enter the new table name in the Rename table to textbox.

    Operations tab - Rename table to

  7. Click Go to save the changes.

The database table on the left pane is now renamed.