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How to Redeem Bing Ad Credits

This content only applies to Gator Website Builder hosting plans which are accessible by going to app.gator.com.

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Bing is one of the world's top search engines for finding things online. With your Gator account, you can now find new customers and expand your reach with a $100 in Bing Ads credit. (Available with applicable paid plans.) When you purchase a plan with Bing, that will entitle you to a $100 Bing Ads credit to use advertising on the Yahoo/Bing Network.

This article will discuss how to sign up for an account and begin drawing more visitors to your website. Review Bing's Terms and Conditions for more details at sign-up.

Obtain Your Promotion Code

  1. Log in to your Gator dashboard and click the App Market tab in the left-hand menu.

    click the App Market tab
  2. Scroll down and click on Bing Ad Credits.

    Scroll down and click on Bing Ad Credits
  3. Review the text given in the App Market and then click on the Get this app button.

    click on the Get this app button
  4. In the pop-up window that will show, click on the Continue to Bing Ads Sign-Up button.click on the Continue to Bing Ads Sign-Up button
  5. Once you click on the sign-up button, You will navigate to the Bing Ads Sign-Up page.
  6. Create your Bing Ads account and spend at least $25.
  7. You're All set! $100 in Bing Ads credit will be added to your account within a few moments.

    For more details about this credit, check out: $100 Credit - Offer Details
Pro Tip: Early cancellation of your Gator account may disqualify your eligibility for the promotional code, even if you have already submitted the code for redemption.