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Promoting Business with Mobile Site


Great video showing you how to use your mobile website's marketing functions to help promote your business while increasing your revenue!

goMobi offers a lot of features for your mobile website designed to drive customers to your business and increase revenue.

Drive Sales with the Coupon Feature

Having coupons on your mobile website has been proven to be effective at driving sales and encouraging impulse purchases. The mobile site builder allows business owners to create online coupons that suit your business and sector. Site visitors benefit from great offers available at point of sale.

Make it Easy to be Found with QR Codes

The mobile site builder allows you to generate QR codes that can be used to direct people to your mobile website or a specific feature or page on your website. This QR code can be used on signs, in print or on TV and people can use their smart phone to scan the QR code to arrive at your website.

Connect Social Media to Drive Traffic

If you have a page on Facebook or Twitter, or videos on YouTube, the mobile site builder can automatically pull that content into your mobile website. Your website visitors can also share your website through email, Facebook or Twitter using the Tell a Friend feature. Customers can also check in via your website using services like Foursquare, Yelp, Facebook and more. Twitter features allows you to display tweets from a defined hashtag.

Improve your SEO Ranking for Mobile

When customers perform a search on major search engines on a mobile phone, mobile websites are typically ranked higher. The SEO feature of the mobile site builder allows you to enter relevant keywords to help search engines properly classify your website.

Cross Sell from Desktop to Mobile

You can place code on your desktop website which automatically detects if a visitor is coming from a mobile phone, and then directing them to the mobile site, which is better suited for their device while still allowing customers to utilize WordPress and Drupal modules and JavaScript on your main desktop site. This feature also have been enhanced to provide a richer experience to visitors by redirecting the customer to the mobile version of the desktop page they are attempting to review and allows the customer to add mobile specific features.