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How to Obtain Additional Support for Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is a commercial development system created and published by Adobe Systems, Inc. Everything, from the documentation to the code itself, was created by Adobe. The Adobe community provides extensive documentation and support for Dreamweaver users via their website:

In addition to Adobe, there are thousands of independent sites that provide information, plugins, themes, tips, tricks, etc., for working with Dreamweaver. is the official website for the Dreamweaver program, complete with comprehensive documentation and support forums to ask questions and find answers. When experiencing issues with Dreamweaver, the Adobe website should be your first stop for support since solutions to common problems are typically posted on the Adobe website and in their support portals and community.

Further support for Dreamweaver can be found at the following resources:

Search Engines

Having an issue or wanting to perform a specific task in Dreamweaver? With so many websites being powered by Dreamweaver, the chances are that someone else has encountered something similar, and they may have posted the solutions online. You can utilize search engines to locate whatever you may need concerning Dreamweaver.

HostGator Dreamweaver Tutorials

HostGator offers tutorials on how to use Dreamweaver. You can find them in our Support Portal.

You can also visit the HostGator Knowledge Base for articles on common issues or tasks in Dreamweaver.

HostGator is happy to assist you with common Dreamweaver issues; however, support is limited as it is a third-party application. If your issue is not something we can assist with, we will offer to point you in the right direction.

For more complex issues, it is often best to contact Adobe directly or a web developer specializing in Dreamweaver.