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How to Move Your Site from Joomla to WordPress


If you want to migrate your Joomla site to the WordPress platform, the following instructions will guide you by using the FG Joomla to WordPress plugin.

While we do not often recommend the use of plugins, in some cases, they are helpful. For example, FG Joomla to WordPress plugin is necessary if you need to move a Joomla site onto the WordPress platform.

Step 1: Install WordPress

Before you can transfer your site, you will need to install WordPress. For instructions on how to do so, please see the following article:

Step 2: Install FG Joomla to WordPress Plugin

Before adding or activating a new plugin, we recommend making a backup of your WordPress from within the WordPress dashboard. For instructions on how to backup WordPress, please refer to the following article from WordPress:

To install the FG Joomla to WordPress plugin:

  1. Log in to WordPress Dashboard via or (replace with your actual domain name).
  2. From the left navigation menu, click Plugins, then select  Add New.
  3. Search for FG Joomla to WordPress and click Search Plugins.
  4. Click Install Now, and then click Ok.
  5. Click Activate Plugin.

Step 3: Connect Joomla to WordPress

Go to Tools, click on Import, and then select Joomla (FG) from the left navigation menu in the WordPress Dashboard, go to Tools, click on Import, then choose Joomla (FG). This page is where the Joomla database settings ⤵ need to be added to begin the import.

  1. Input Joomla database settings into their respective boxes.
  2. In the URL (beginning with http://) field, enter the URL where the Joomla to WordPress import will reside.
  3. Click the Test the connection button.
If the connection were successful, the following confirmation message would appear:

[fgj2wp] Connected with success to the Joomla database.

If you do not receive a success message, please double-check the settings and repeat the above steps.

How to find the Joomla Database Settings

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. In the Files section, click the File Manager icon.

    HostGator cPanel File Manager

  3. From the left navigation menu in File Manager, click the + sign to the left of the public_html folder to expand the menu.
  4. Click the folder containing the Joomla installation.

    Joomla Installation Folder

  5. In the Joomla installation folder, locate the configuration.php file.

    Joomla Configuration.PHP file

  6. Right-click on the file and select Code Edit.

    Edit File Box

  7. When the file opens, look for the following information:
    public $host = 'localhost';
        public $user = 'cPanelusername_jmln1';
        public $password = 'GVCIuBIj71UUBa';
        public $db = 'cPanelusername_jmln1';
        public $dbprefix = 'joom_';
    (The above code is just an example of what you will see in the configuration.php file. The actual values will differ as they match those of your database settings and not those of the example above.)
  8. Copy the database settings from the configuration.php file and complete the steps above to connect Joomla to WordPress ⤴.

Step 4: Import Joomla

Once you have connected Joomla to your WordPress site, the last step is to select the content you wish to import.

  1. From the WordPress Import Joomla (FG) screen, in the Behavior section, check off the boxes for which content you wish to import.
  2. Click Import content from Joomla to WordPress. Once the import completes, yellow sections on the page show a confirmation of what was imported.
  3. Visit your WordPress site and refresh the page to see your Joomla content on your WordPress site.

For additional information on using this plugin, please visit the developer's website: