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How to Manually Renew the Plesk Panel License Key

To prevent piracy, Parallels Plesk Panel uses a leased license that is designed to expire 1-2 months after its creation. HostGator's servers will automatically attempt to renew the license; however, if the server is unable to do so, the following error message will appear in Plesk Panel:

Warning: You are currently operating within the grace period of your product license. To update your product license, select the Retrieve Keys option on the License Management page.

If this occurs, you will need to manually renew your Plesk Panel license key using the instructions below:

  1. Log in to Plesk Panel using the admin account.
  2. From the left menu, under Server Management, select Tools and Settings.

    HostGator - Plesk Tools and Settings

  3. In the main window, under the Plesk group, select the License Management link.

    HostGator - Plesk License Management

  4. Click Retrieve Keys.

    HostGator - Plesk License Management Retrieve keys

  5. The server will then submit a request and install a new key. The status will automatically update when completed.


If the need for manual reactivation is a persistent problem, there may be a firewall rule blocking port 5224. Please contact us via phone or chat, and an administrator will check the port for you.