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How to manage your domains' DNS Zones - Plesk

Note: These examples are using Plesk 18. The steps will be the same for other versions of Plesk; however, the button locations may differ.

1. Click on  Website & Domains.

Plesk Websites & Domains

2. Now click on the DNS Settings icon.            

DNS Settings

3. You will be redirected to the DNS Settings page.

Plesk Manage DNS Settings

Description of the Tools in the DNS Settings Page:

Enable/ Disable Button- Switches Off/On the DNS Service will make the Plesk Server stop responding to DNS requests for this domain.

Switch to Slave / Master-  Switch DNS Service Mode makes the Plesk DNS server act as a Slave or Master for this DNS zone and uses an external DNS server.

Add Record - This will allow you to add DNS records into your Zone File.

Reset to Default- This will revert your ZONE to default settings.