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How to Log in to HostGator SEO Tools

Once you have purchased your HostGator SEO Tools account, you can jump right in and get started with boosting your SEO rankings! The following instructions go over how to access and get started with your HostGator SEO Tools.

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Accessing SEO Tools

  1. Log in to your Customer Portal.
  2. Select Hosting in the left-hand menu

    Billing Portal Side Menu - Hosting Selected

  3. Click Manage under the hosting package's primary domain.

    List of Hosting Packages for the Primary Domains

  4. Click Manage on the SEO Tools card.

    HostGator SEO Tools Manage

  5. Click Manage next to the domain with which you want to work with.

    HostGator SEO Tools Domain Manage

  6. A new window will appear, dropping you into your  HostGator SEO Tools account.
  7. Click Start now!

    HostGator SEO Tools Start

Getting Started with SEO Tools

  1. Select the appropriate option to answer the question, "What’s the main goal of your website?"

    With this info, we can give you personalized tasks to optimize your site. No pressure, you can change it later.

    • To promote something - Myself, a company, a local business, or an organization.
    • To sell things online - It’s e-commerce.
    • To share news or thoughts online - It’s a news site, blog, magazine, or educational website.
    • Other - It’s a complicated world.
  2. Select or fill in the information "Where do your visitors come from?"

    Search engine results are different in each country. Tell us your main market to track your keyword rankings for that location.

  3. Congratulations! Your HostGator SEO Tools is now ready.

    HostGator SEO Tools Dashboard

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