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How to Install WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. In fact, it powers more than 30% of websites worldwide. It is easy to install and features an attractive, user-friendly interface.

At HostGator, you can install WordPress through a simple one-click process when you purchase your hosting package.

If you want to install WordPress on an existing hosting package, you can use Softaculous or install it manually.

Note: Our optimized WordPress hosting package comes with WordPress 7.2 or higher already installed. Learn more about that package here - How to Manage Optimized WordPress.

Option 1 - Install WordPress via Softaculous

Here is a video guide to assist you in installing WordPress using Softaculous. We have also outlined the complete steps in this article: How to Install WordPress using Softaculous


Option 2 - Install WordPress Manually

For the complete guide in the manual installation of WordPress, please visit this article for instructions: How to Install WordPress Manually

There are instances that you will encounter the "Installation Already Exists" issue while installing WordPress. If this happens, please check out this video guide on how to fix it.

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