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How to install a font to your website

This is a common misconception. You do not install or upload any fonts.

The fonts actually live on the visitor's browser. This means all you need to do is supply HTML code defining the font you want to use.

<SPAN STYLE="font-family: Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;">Your message!</SPAN>

The visitor will come to your site, and their browser will use the first font you indicate. If the specified font is not available, the browser will pick from your list of alternate fonts or something from the same font family. If none of your font choices are found, the browser will use whatever font it prefers.

I don't know HTML

If you have a web design program, like HostGator's Website Builder, then you can select the fonts available within the program. The font preference is coded for you.

I want a custom font which is not common in browsers

It is possible to show visitors fonts that are not in their browser. In fact, this method will guarantee that your visitors see the exact font you want, every time.

The trick? Instead of using words, use pictures. Create an image with the fonts you like, then save the image and show that in place of your text.

Here is a sentence using text.

Image missing.

Please note: Font selection is an aspect of your website design, and HostGator is not responsible to design your site. As always, we are pleased to offer you our best advice, and we hope it helps.