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How to Delete a WordPress Site

This article discusses the Site Management options for your WordPress site within your Customer Portal.

Important notes:
  • Deleting your site content, deleting your site, or removing WordPress from your site does NOT cancel the hosting plan or domain name registration.
  • The process of deleting a WordPress site is irreversible! If you'd like to make a copy of your WordPress website, create and download a backup of your blog before deleting it. Visit the CodeGuard Dashboard at the Backups tab of your WordPress site settings.

To manage your website:

  1. Log in to your Customer Portal.
  2. Click on the Websites tab on the left-hand navigation menu.

    Customer Portal - Website Tab

  3. Click on the Settings button of the WordPress site you are working on.

    Websites - Settings button

  4. Click the Settings tab on the top menu.

    Websites - Settings tab


  5. Scroll down to the Site Management section. With the new Customer Portal experience, you are provided with three options for managing your site. 

    Site management section

    • Delete Content Only - This option will delete the currently installed WordPress site and re-install a blank, fresh instance of WordPress.
      • Choose this option if you are looking to continue to build your sites with WordPress but want to start over with a brand-new installation.
      • It is important to note that this will delete and overwrite any current data related to this installation, resulting in data loss for the site and being irreversible.
    • Delete site Permanently - This option will delete the entire site instance for the current domain.
      • This will delete all of the website files, associated databases, DNS zone files, addon/subdomain (if this is a site setup as an addon or subdomain), related email accounts, and all emails, FTP accounts, etc.
      • Choose this option if you are no longer using the current domain/site and are looking to start using a completely new domain and wish to install a brand-new website in its place.
      • This will result in data loss for all components of this site, and it is irreversible.
      • This option is disabled if you're currently on a Hatchling plan, as your hosting plan hosts only 1 website, and this is your primary website.
    • Remove WordPress Entirely - This option will delete the current WordPress instance for the site in question and leave an empty directory available for a fresh, new install.  
      • Choose this option if you no longer wish to use WordPress to design/manage your website and wish to start over with a different website-building tool (from Softaculous, for instance) or potentially migrate an existing site from a different host.
      • Please note that this will delete all current data related to this installation, resulting in data loss for the site instance, and it is irreversible.
  6. A confirmation box will pop up. You need to re-enter the domain associated with your site to complete the deletion of your website. Below are the screenshots of the confirmation popup message for each option.
    • Delete Content Only

      Delete content confirmation box

    • Delete Site Permanently

      Delete site permanently

    • Remove WordPress Entirely

      remove wordpress

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