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How to Customize Your goMobi Mobile Website


You can easily customize your mobile site to give it a more polished look and feel. To get started, make sure that you are in the Design tab of your goMobi mobile website builder. Once there, you will see several options that you can use to make customizations to your site.


The Description section allows you to enter your site's name and a brief description of your business. The name of the site will appear at the top of your mobile website just below the toolbar. The description of your site will appear below the logo on the home page of your mobile website.

Keep in mind, there is a 300 character limit to the description of your site.

Language & Region

Here you can define the default language of your page as well as the region where your business operates. You can also define the timezone of your business so that timed events, such as coupon expirations, happen correctly for the timezone of your business.

Business Sectors

Here you can define the type of business you have. Providing this information can help with your search engine rankings.


Single Logo

In this section, you can select your business logo for your mobile website. You can upload the image, select from previously uploaded images or provide a URL to the image online. The image will appear as a banner at the top of your website, with the icons below.

You can also define a separate, smaller web app icon that will function as an icon for users who elect to add your mobile website as an application on their mobile device (only available on Apple devices). You can further encourage these users to install your website as an app by checking the box which will produce a small popup inviting your users to install your site as an app.

Logo Carousel

You can also use multiple images for your logo by creating an image carousel. The image carousel can have up to 6 images and allows the option to add a link to each image. The first image of the carousel will be the default logo for devices that are incompatible with the logo carousel feature.

The web app icon (for Apple devices) will automatically be created from the first image added to the carousel. Additional configuration options for the logo carousel, such as navigation arrows and timing, can be adjusted in the Advanced Options section of the Logo feature.

Please ensure that your selected image is less than 4MB in size and in PNG, JPG or GIF format


In the templates section, you can select from many options that will change the overall look and feel of your mobile website. At the top of the templates section, you can select a theme that will change the color scheme, icons and some of the images on your mobile site. Below this section, you can select a layout for the heading, body, menu bar and icon set of your mobile website. Once you are finished making changes, click the Update button to apply them.

Site Colors

In this section, you can define the color scheme of your mobile website so that it matches with the colors of your business. You can select from a broad range of predefined color schemes, or you can define your own using the advanced options. Remember to click Update when you have finished making changes.


Once you are satisfied with the design of your site, it's time to add features. You can find out more about the features available and how to add them in our goMobi Features article.