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How to Create Drop-down Menus

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Drop-down menus also are known as sub-navigation, is an easy way to sort and organize different pages into like tabs in your main navigation bar. Maybe you have seen this functionality on a site before or perhaps you have too many pages to fit in an organized fashion within your standard navigation; either way, drop-downs are simple to add and have multiple uses.

Review the video above or the steps below to find out How to Add a Drop Down Menu. If you need help creating pages check out: WebsiteBuilder: Adding a Page 

To Add a Drop-Down Menu

  1. Launch your website editor and select Pages from the left-hand menu.

  2. In the Pages menu, find the page that you want to be in the menu bar first.

  3. Below that, drag or slide the next page slightly to the right by clicking and hold it.

    User-added image

  4. Release the page, below the first, making a step (or separate column) of pages offset from the beginning.

    User-added image

  5. Then move each page one-by-one. You will see the pages begin to disappear from the regular site navigation.

    User-added image

And that's it! The pages you slide beneath the first with now be in a drop-down menu when you preview your webpage. 

Pro Tip:  Be sure that all pages beneath your first in the drop-down sequence "line-up," otherwise, they will create a series of submenus and drop-downs. You can always preview your work from the editor without publishing. 

To Alter Your Drop-Down Menu:

  1. Click on your Site Navigation from the main design dashboard.

  2. In the toolbar that appears, select More on the far right then choose Advanced.

  3. From the Advanced Menu, select Drop Down Settings.

  4. You can now use this section to change the color, text, and other areas of the drop-down menu.