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How to Create a Reseller WHM

Just as Reseller packages can create cPanel accounts for customers, Dedicated and VPS packages can create Reseller accounts. The following instructions will demonstrate how to create a Reseller account for a new user:
You must have a VPS or Dedicated Server with root WHM to do this.
  1. Log into root WHM.
  2. In the search bar at the top left of the screen, search keyword "create" and click Create a New Account.
  3. Fill in the new account information.
  4. Under Reseller Settings, check Make the account a Reseller.
    • (Optional) You can check Make the account own itself so the owner can modify the account.
  5. Click Create.

Your reseller customer will now be able to access theirdomain.com/whm and login with the cPanel username and password you just created.