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How to configure LeapFTP


  1. Go to the Sites menu, select Site Manager
  2. To create a group, go to Site > New > Group. To which, you can create a group name.
  3. To add a website, Click on the Group folder you wish the Site to be Organised in > Site > New > Site. To which, you can provide your site's name.
  4. The options section will appear when clicking OK
  5. Address will be the actual domain name.
  6. Port should be automatically at 21.
  7. Deselect anonymous logon, which will then enable username and password.
  8. Username and Password will be the same as your FTP username and password
  9. Remote Path is the file path to the domain's document root folder
  10. Local Path is the file directory on your computer to which ftp can access the site files
  11. If you click on the button next the to local path, it will allow you to select/create the path from your computer.
  12. Click Apply then close the site manager

Going forward, you will be able to use FTP by going to the Sites menu then navigate to a group then select a website.