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How to Configure FTP Voyager


After downloading and installing FTP Voyager, you must establish a connection with a server before you can begin using FTP Voyager to manage your files. Begin by opening the Site Profile Manager in FTP Voyager using any of the following methods:

  • Go to the Edit > Site Profiles
  • Click Connect
  • Press F11 on your keyboard
FTP Voyager comes preconfigured with connections to common available FTP servers. These preconfigured FTP sites can be located in the Sites folder, listed under FTP Sites Profiles.

Create a New Connection Folder

While creating folders for site connections is not necessary, it can help you maintain organization. To create a new connection folder:

  1. In the FTP Site Profile Manager, click on the FTP Sites folder.
  2. Click the New Folder button.
  3. In the Name field, create a general name for the collection of sites to go under the folder.

Create a New Site Connection

To create a new site connection:

  1. From the FTP Site Profile Manager, select the connection folder you created (if applicable) and click New Site.
  2. In the Name field, enter name for the connection.
  3. In the FTP Site field, enter the address of the server to which you'd like to connect.
  4. In the Default Directory field, specify the file path to which the files need to be uploaded.
  5. Remove the check from the Anonymous Login option.
  6. In the User ID and Password fields, specify your FTP username and password.
    (You can opt in or out of having FTP remember the login credentials by checking the box for Save Password.)
  7. Click Connect to immediately connect to FTP.

If you choose to close FTP Voyager, you can connect in the future by clicking Connect from the top toolbar, selecting a site connection in the FTP Site Profile Manager and clicking Connect.

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