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How To Check SSL Status Within cPanel

This article will walk you through using the SSL/TLS Status section in cPanel. In this section, you can view your certificate details, run Auto SSL, and include or exclude the domain in Auto SSL.

Where To Find the SSL/TLS Status in cPanel

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Navigate to the Security section, then click on the SSL/TLS Status icon.

    cPanel SSL/ TLS Status icon

SSL/TLS Status Navigation

You can use the SSL/TLS Status page to view your domain's SSL status. 

  • Search Function – You can search for your domain's certificate information. Using the Search function, you can click on the Gear icon to view the Advanced Settings. Expand the Advanced Settings to filter your search.

    SSL/ TLS search function

  • Check AutoSSL Options - You can run AutoSSL and set a domain to be included or excluded in AutoSSL.

    cPanel Auto SSL functions

    Include Domain During AutoSSL- The domain's expired certificate will be renewed when you run AutoSSL.

    Exclude Domains from AutoSSL - The domain’s expired certificate will not be renewed when you run AutoSSL.

    Run Auto SSL - It is a global setting that can be toggled in the cPanel account. It uses crons to renew automatically and replaces self-signed certificates for all domains in a cPanel account.

  • Domains Table  This shows a list of certificates used by your domains. Icons will show the type and status of the certificates.

    SSL TLS Domains Table

    Below are the icons that show the kind of SSL that is installed on a domain.

    SSL Types

  • Certificate Status – This shows why the SSL is not working, the timestamp when the system runs AutoSSL and the domain's certificate information.

    Certificate Status

For more information, you can check cPanel's Documentation.

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