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How to Add or Change a Video

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This content only applies to those using GATOR Builder by HostGator.

When building your website with your upgraded Gator account, you may come across the ability to display video from your pages. Once you have the video URL from either Youtube or Vimeo, you can quickly add that to your website builder to view that clip live.

Whether the theme already has a video in it or you would like to add a new one to a section, this article will cover how to add the video element or change the Settings and URL once added.

Adding a Video

1. To begin, launch into your website by selecting Edit Site and select Elements from the left-hand menu.
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2. Next, look for and select the Videos option to the bottom of the left-hand menu then drag the single Video option to your main design dashboard.

3. Once placed, you will see the Video Preview display with a toolbar above it.

Changing a Video URL

1. From the Main Design Dashboard, select the video element from the main design dashboard to reveal the video toolbar.

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2. Select Change Video option and a pop-up will appear with a text box inside.

3. Copy the URL from the source and paste it into the text area provided.

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4. Select OK, and you will land back on the main design dashboard where you will see your video preview.

Change Video Settings

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 From the Video toolbar you can:
  • Add overlay
  • Add Animations
  • Customize Pop-up
  • Send Forward or Backward a layer
  • Copy, Delete, More
From the ‘More’ options, you can:
  • Add Video Controls like ‘Play & Pause’
  • Set Docking
  • Add Drop Shadow & Glow
  • Advanced
From the ‘Advanced’ pop-up menu, you can:
  • Change the Video that displays in the Element.
  • Change Video Player Element Settings like actions and auto play.
  • Change Video Player Element Style like borders and opacity.
  • Change Video Player Element Size and Position within a section.
  • Change Video Player Element Animations Custom Settings.
Pro Tip: For additional video settings, you may want to check with the source where it was uploaded.