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How To Add Carousel


This content only applies to Gator Website Builder hosting plans which are accessible by going to app.gator.com.

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Carousel Element

  1. On your dashboard, click Edit Site.
    Edit Site
  2.  From the left navigation bar, select Sections.
    From the left navigation bar select Sections.
  3.  Under All Categories, look for Carousel. Select a Carousel template provided. 
    Select Carousel
  4. Edit your carousel based on your preferences. You can use text, images, or even videos in your carousel. You can use the information below to edit your carousel.
    • Add or Remove Slide - This will give you an option to add a new slide or remove an existing one. Note that the Carousel must contain at least 2 slides
      Add or Remove Slide
    • Move Up, Move Down, Duplicate, and Delete Section
      Move Up, Move Down, Duplicate, and Delete Section
    • Carousel Navigation - A toggle bar is available to keep the Carousel showing in the site menu or hide it. You can change the Navigation title if you wish to make the Carousel show in the site menu.
      Carousel Navigation
    • Layout Settings - Manage the layout with different animations, content alignment, and slideshow intervals.
      Layout Settings
    • Elements - Edit the navigation and utilize the autoplay feature of the slideshow.
    • List Elements - Adjust the text contents of the carousel: Title, Subtitle, Description, Buttons.
      List Elements
    • Carousel Background - Add a Background, Overlay, and Divider for your carousel.
      Carousel Background
  5. Make sure to check the preview of your carousel. This will allow you to see your website's live version of the slideshow.
    Carousel Overview
  6. Save and Publish the new changes on your website.