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How To Add And Manage Blog Posts

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Since blogging is one of those many ways you can reach out to your people and be where they are, you may want to become familiar with all the ways to manage your posts. Posts are the articles or pages of a blog that are created individually within the blog. If you're not familiar with how to add a blog, you can learn how to do so here: How To Add A Blog (VIDEO)

In this article, we will discuss the basics of  How to Manage your Blog Posts; including Creating and Organizing them. If you do not have content to add to your blog yet or need help gettings started, we recommend reviewing the default articles that are present within your blog when you first add one to your page.

Managing Your Blog:

After you have created a blog, you can manage it by following these instructions:
  1. Start by clicking the Blog button from the left-hand menu of your main design dashboard:

    User-added image

    This is where you can Manage Blog Posts, Add New Posts, and change features about your current posts like pinning, editing, duplicating or deleting blog posts.

  2. Clicking Manage Posts will give you a screen where you can customize the order and settings of your content:

    User-added image

    From here, you can:

  • Create New Post: Add a new post to your blog.
  • Pinning (pushpin icon): "pin" a post to the top of your Main Blog Page
  • Featuring (star icon):  Displays the featured contained in this designated section.
  • Unpublish (megaphone icon): Take this post offline. 
  • MORE dropdown: (Below each post) Lets you Pin, Feature or Duplicate a Post.)
  • DELETE, EDIT, PREVIEW  buttons: Do exactly what they sound like. 
Pro Tip: If you don’t make any customizations each new blog post will automatically publish at the top of your Main Page. Check out the Organizing Blog Posts section below to learn more about how to organize how your posts appear.

Create a New Post:

To create a new blog post, follow these steps:
  1. Select the Add New Post from the Blog menu or Create New Post from the Manage Posts Section.
  2. A new Post Page will appear:

    User-added image

  3. Here you can add your titles, changes dates, add authors, add tags, and format the post text.

Pro Tip: Adding tags to each post will help your readers navigate to the content they love more quickly. If you click Advanced Options, you will be able to create post summaries, which will let readers consume your content when they’re deciding which post they want to read, especially as you add more and more posts to your blog. To learn more about blog tags check out: Adding Tags to a Blog Post

Organizing Blog Posts:

When creating a blog, your website builder will organize them by date in the post order. Whenever a blog post is made, it shows with the most recent post at the very top of the "post" page and then the older ones on the bottom.
  1. You can use settings like Pinning to Bring a post to the top of your list or Featuring to display the post up front.

     User-added image

  2. If there is more than one page of posts, the newer posts will appear on page 1 while the older ones will “Page2” or “Page 3” etc.