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Add or Change Instagram Live Feed

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With something like 800,000,000 active user subscriptions, Instagram is definitely a logical addition to any website. You can now connect your Instagram account with your website to gain new followers and connect with more customers across your many channels. Your Instagram feed will become a live feed on your website, with your photos automatically showing up and grabbing the attention of website visitors.

In this article, we will discuss the basics of adding an Instagram feed and connecting your account to it as well as changing and deactivating. To start connecting your Instagram account to your website, first, make sure you are logged into your Instagram account and proceed with the steps below:

Adding Instagram Feed:

  1. Click the "+Elements" tab on the left-hand menu within the editor.

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  2. Click on Images to open a menu of image options and select Image Gallery.
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  3. Once you select Image Gallery, you will be prompted to choose a source from which your website will pull photos.
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  4. Click on the Instagram tab and a window will pop-up for you to accept permissions allowing Gator to connect your Instagram account to your website.

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    Pro Tip: There may be a 5-10 minute delay for new photos on your Instagram account to show up on your website.

Updating Linked Instagram Feed:

To update the linked Instagram account, there are a few steps to resolve in order to complete the process. Before you begin, make sure you delete the linked Instagram Element from your builder since you will need to re-add the newly connected feed when ready.

Since your Instagram feed is linked by an internal application, you will first need to navigate to Instagram, and log out of the currently linked account.

  1. From your main account landing screen at instagram.com, click the gear symbol next to Edit Profile.

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  2. A pop-up will appear where you can select Log Out.

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  3. Now you will be sitting on the Login screen to Instagram's homepage.
  4. Look for and Select the Switch Accounts option below the blue button on the screen.

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  5. Proceed to log into the correct account.

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Once you are in the correct Instagram account, Navigate back to your website builder and follow the steps above for Adding Instagram Feed

Updating Social Links:

  1. From your main account dashboard, select Manage in the left-hand menu then Social.

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  2. A pop-up will appear with all your social media links.

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  3. Simply grab the URL for each profile out of the address bar and paste into its respective section.

Disconnecting Instagram:

If you wish to disconnect your Instagram account from your website, you can do so by removing the image gallery element from the page on your website.

Simply click on the gallery and a toolbar will display.

To delete the gallery, click the trash icon. Your Instagram feed will no longer be displayed on your website.

You can also disconnect your Instagram from your website by logging into Instagram and revoking the access under the Authorized Applications tab, under the Settings menu.