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How to Add an Additional Location Address - goMobi


The Find Us feature in goMobi allows you to add your address and other contact information to your mobile site to assist customers in locating your business.

Add an Address

To add your address to your mobile website, make sure you are on the Features tab.

  1. Click on the Find Us feature.
  2. Enter the business information you would like to share with your customers, including email and phone number. You can add up to six addresses.
    • In the Additional Text field, you can add additional information to an address (e.g. "around the corner from the bank.").
  3. You can additionally place a pin on the map to give your customers an easier time finding your business.
    • Click Verify Map Placement near the bottom of the Find Us form.
    • Drag the pin to the correct location on the map.
    • Select Map view, Satelite view, or Street view.
  4. Click Add to Site to add this address to your mobile website.
  5. To add another location, click Add Address and repeat the steps above.

Show Nearest Location

When you add more than one address to your goMobi site, a Show nearest location button will automatically appear at the top of the Find Us feature. This will enable your mobile visitors to find the location nearest to them with the click of a button.

You can disable the Show nearest location button in the Advanced Options section of the Find Us feature.