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Adding Background Image to a goMobi Mobile Site


It's easy to add a custom background to your goMobi website. To get started, be sure you are on the design tab:

  1. Click on Background Image.
  2. Click Browse for image file...
  3. Choose the image file you wish to upload.
Make sure that the image you are uploading is less than 4MB in size and in JPG, PNG or GIF format.
  1. Select your preferred image display options
    • Tile Image - makes the image repeat over the background many times
    • Add to homepage - make the image visible only on your home page
    • Display on tablets - enables the image to show on the background of large devices
  2. Select an offset (optional).
    • Choose one of the presets or specify a custom amount of pixels. When you choose an offset, the main content of the page (not the background) will be shifted downward the selected number of pixels.
  3. Click the Update button to finalize your changes.

Site Images

Site Images are now easier than ever to add and upload to your goMobi website!

When adding an image to any feature on the site, the site owner will have the option to select from all other images that have been previously uploaded to the site, upload a new image or link to an external image hosted elsewhere.