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How Do I Assign an IP Address? - Plesk

This article will guide you on how to assign an IP address to a domain name via Plesk. 

Please note that the instructions below only apply to Windows Dedicated hosting.

To define which IP address is assigned to a domain:

  1. Log in to the Plesk Server Administration Panel.
  2. Click on Subscriptions.
  3. Click on the domain you wish to modify.
  4. Click on Web Hosting Access under the primary domain.
  5. Select the new IP address in the dropdown menu labeled IP address.
  6. Click OK.


If you are changing the IP address of a domain for SSL purposes, then please be sure to choose a dedicated IP address that is not used by any other domain. If the domain is assigned to a dedicated IP address that is already being used by another domain, then any SSL installations will affect all domains using the dedicated IP address.


If you have exhausted the volume of available dedicated IP addresses, please review the following article for information regarding how additional IPs may be obtained: