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How Can I Install an SSL Certificate? - Plesk

You can install your own SSL as long as you are a dedicated server owner and have the Admin login to Plesk.

  1. Change the domain's IP address to a dedicated IP address.
    If additional information is necessary for step one, please refer to this article: IP Change - Plesk.
    Note: Changing the IP address for a domain will result in 4 to 8 hours of propagation during which the domain may not load correctly.
  2. Go to the Customer Plesk Panel.
  3. Click Websites and Domains.
  4. Click Secure Your Sites.
  5. From the Secure Your Sites menu you have 3 options:
    • Click Request to generate a CSR to provide to your third party SSL provider.
    • Use a self-signed SSL. This type of SSL is secured, but presents warnings and is not recommended.
    • Upload Certificate as Text. This field is for entering the private key, SSL certificate, and CA certificate here to install the SSL.
  6. Click Websites and Domains.
  7. Click Hosting Settings next to the domain you wish to install the SSL to.
  8. A new drop down box should be available. Select the SSL you would like to use and click Ok to complete installation.

Additionally, HostGator offers to install your SSL certificate for you at no charge ($10 install fee waived for Dedicated Servers).