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HostGator's International Brands

Over the years, HostGator has expanded worldwide and now has a presence in several countries. Each division is its own company and offers local support services in each country, where possible.

Each division is operated as its own company, so you would need to contact the appropriate division for support. For example, customers cannot use HostGator India support, and vice versa, since front-line support staff for each division does not have access to customer data from other divisions.

One benefit of having multiple divisions is that our customers can choose where their support staff and servers are located or what language they prefer to do business in. For example, if you want U.S. support and servers, you would choose If you wish for Indian support and servers, you can select HostGator India.

For a complete listing of our global international brands, please check out our Global direction here

Thank you for supporting HostGator. Choose the division(s) that is right for you!