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HostGator SEO Tools Plans

HostGator offers two tiers of SEO Tools, which allows you to select our HostGator SEO Tools Start and HostGator SEO Tools Grow plans, depending on your needs. If your needs change, we provide the ability to change your package from your control panel. See below for more information about each of our plans.

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Start Plan

HostGator SEO Tools Start is a good choice if you are beginning a new website that needs to be submitted to search engines. We will provide weekly reports about how your site is progressing and recommendations on how to optimize your site further.

If you have a Business Hosting Plan, it includes Free SEO Tools as part of the hosting plan. The Free SEO Tools is the same as the SEO Tools Start Plan. For more information about the Business Hosting Plan, please see Tell Me About the Business Hosting Plan.


  • Search engine submission
  • 50-page analysis
  • Weekly Scan
  • 5 keyword ranking reports
  • 2 competitor analyzes
  • Monthly email report
  • Marketing report with 5 recommendations

Grow Plan

If you want to get serious about improving your ranking and increasing visitors, then HostGator SEO Tools Grow will provide the vital resources to make that happen. It includes the same features as our Start package but goes much more into detail about what you need to do to improve your site.

You will receive daily updates on your dashboard with tasks customized for your website. The tasks are ordered by priority and are shown in an easy-to-understand overview.

SEO is a continuous process, and HostGator SEO Tools Grow you to integrate it seamlessly into your daily schedule.


  • Search engine submission
  • 500-page analysis
  • Daily Scan
  • Customized tasks by priority
  • 15 keyword ranking reports
  • 4 competitor analyzes
  • Monthly email report
  • Proactive alerts and notifications
  • Dynamic marketing report with targeted recommendations

How Does it Work?

HostGator's SEO Tools analyze your website and creates an online Marketing Report in an easy-to-read format, divided into various SEO topics. For more information about these topics, please see HostGator SEO Tools Report.

Interested in getting your website more visibility in search engines? You can easily purchase SEO Tools through your HostGator Customer Portal. Please refer to this article: Manage HostGator SEO Tools Subscription.