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HostGator SEO Tools FAQ


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Ask us as many questions as you’d like! SEO might seem like a puzzle, but it makes perfect sense as you learn and optimize your site. We do our best to explain anything that sounds technical within the tool, but our customer support reps are more than happy to explain further anything you don’t understand.

We recommend that you take care of your SEO at least weekly. It takes additional time to get acquainted with certain concepts, but our tool was created for users who are not tech-savvy to make using it as accessible as possible.

Every subscription is based on a certain domain and can't be changed to a new domain. This is because historical data and progress would not be valid for the new domain. As the search engines crawl every website, they would count the new domain as a new page. To change the domain name, you need to cancel the old subscription and create a new one with the new domain. All progress will be saved for the current domain, and any pages that have been optimized for a keyword will be saved as long as nothing changes on the site. For more information on how to change your subscription, please see how to change subscriptions.

There are plenty of different SEO tools options available. Still, ours stands out because of the continuous updates to our recommendations to keep up with Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines' guidelines.  We provide explanations of SEO concepts while providing easy-to-understand instructions on resolving issues to boost your page rank.

This can vary from days to a month or even longer, as there is no exact time frame for when a site will start appearing in Search Engine results. HostGator SEO Tools will guide you on actions that you can take to make your site more friendly and visible to search engines.

Our tool is helping thousands of customers improve their online business. Following our guides on how to implement the recommendations will have traffic from search engines be your top source of visitors. Using the Report area, you can track your rankings, improvements and compare your competition. This is the best way to see if the recommendations are being beneficial to your business.

Your score is determined by a proprietary algorithm that calculates your site's performance on several factors, each weighted differently, including popularity, the number of visitors, how mobile-friendly it is, etc.

No, you can check it immediately by clicking the Done! Check the now button for each task.

No, you need two subscriptions, one for each country. The reason is that to get rankings, suggestions, and other data that the tool provides, you would need to target a specific market/country.

HostGator SEO Tools is a Do-it-Yourself tool, so it does help you analyze your site and give recommendations, tasks, and instructions on how you can optimize your site, but the tool does not make these changes for you.


No way! Only you know who you’re tracking.

Our tool gives you suggestions on who your competitors may be. To see these, click Settings —> Manage Competitors. We do recommend adding at least one competitor to track your site's performance compared to the competitor. For more information on setting up your competitors, see our article on Managing Competitors.



Using the Keywords configuration tool, you can easily set up new keywords. Start by inserting a keyword into the search field and then clicking Search.  This will provide you with some recommendations about related keywords that can also be used as an alternative. For more information on setting up your keywords, see our article on Managing Keywords.

Yes, you can change your keywords whenever you want from Settings —> Manage Keywords. We recommend doing this once you have finished optimizing a keyword on the selected target page.

This could be due to the search volume being too low for us to gather accurate data on the keyword. Be sure to try keyword phrases with 3 to 4 words, e.g., "home builders in Austin," and check the Keywords we have found for your tab for keywords that will be easier to improve your ranking.