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HostGator India, hostgator.in

With the large amount of growth throughout the years, HostGator has been greatly expanding, both in the USA as well as internationally. We are proud to announce the newest HostGator addition; the launch of HostGator India, http://www.hostgator.in!

Can I switch from HostGator USA to HostGator India?

Yes, you can transfer your account from HostGator.com to HostGator.in (or vice versa). Simply email sales@hostgator.in to take advantage of this!

Where is the Indian datacenter?

Our Indian office is located in Mangalore, Karnataka, and our servers are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Hyderabad, Karnataka, India, and Singapore. We offer the same top notch performance servers now hosted locally in Asia and on our own IP addresses. The latency to the Indian servers from within India and Asia is very low. The network path is also very short; it never travels out of India, so an international broken backbone will never affect access to your sites.

The access times for sites hosted on such low latency network from within India and the Asian region is very fast. Also other account functions such as access to cPanel/WHM, emails, FTP, etc. see very fast speeds compared to overseas hosted websites.

Can I have a hosting plan or server with India, but use American support?

No, if you host with HostGator India, you must use the Indian support and billing, and your server will be in India or Singapore.

Can I have a hosting plan or server with HostGator.com, but use Indian support?

No, if you host with HostGator.com, you must use American (U.S.) support and billing, and your server will be in the United States.

Can I pay in Rupees?

Yes. Currently the Indian site does its billing in both Indian Rupees and USD.

For a full list of types of payments HostGator India accepts, please visit What forms of payment do you accept at HostGator India? on the HostGator India website.

Does this mean HostGator.com is moving to India?

No, HostGator.com is still located in the United States, and so are HostGator.com servers and tech support staff. HostGator India is organized as a separate company and uses Indian & Asian servers and Indian tech support staff. With HostGator India, we can support Indian customers with local support and service, while maintaining U.S based support and service for HostGator.com customers.

You can choose where your support and servers are located by picking HostGator.com for U.S. servers and support, and HostGator.in for Indian & Asian servers and support.

How do I contact HostGator.com or HostGator India?

HostGator.com and HostGator India have separate support staffs and different data centers. As such, contacting the correct support staff would give you the fastest resolution to your issue.

(HostGator.com live support staff does not have access to HostGator India servers, and HostGator India staff does not have access to HostGator.com servers.)

The following links will take you to the contact information for each HostGator division.

Note: each division has its own website, and you will be leaving HostGator.com's website by clicking on the links above (except HostGator.com's, of course).