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Horde Basic View

The Horde email client has a default (or 'dynamic') view. However, Horde's 'basic' view provides additional functionality for tasks that you may not be able to accomplish using the default view. The following steps will show you how to change between the default view and the basic view for Horde.

Note: Unfortunately, basic view is not a feature that can be enabled in Horde by default. Each time you wish to utilize basic view, you must follow the steps within this article.

How to Enable Basic View in Horde

  1. Access your Horde inbox.
    For additional information on how to access your inbox via Horde, please refer to the following article:
  2. Once you have logged in successfully into Horde, click the address bar in your browser so you can manually edit the URL. The default view will be 'dynamic' as illustrated below in red text:

  3. Erase the word 'dynamic' and replace it with 'basic' as shown below in red text:

Now you are viewing your Horde mail in Horde's basic view!