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Help Me Perform Repetitive Tasks

HostGator is pleased to help you with repetitive tasks that may take a long time to perform manually (via your control panel, FTP, SSH, etc.).

Examples of large tasks we can loop:

  • Change file permissions for multiple or all files.
  • Remove multiple or all addon/parked/subdomains.
  • Removing multiple email messages.
    • Note: If you want to remove ALL messages from an email box, simply delete and recreate the email account in your control panel.
Please note: Not all tasks you want automated are possible. Some tasks are very time-consuming and will require us to charge you for admin time. We will let you know upon request.
For assistance with this, simply contact us via phone or chatwith the details.

 Please be prepared to verify your identity. We do not want to perform repetitive changes on your account for an unauthorized party.