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Head to Head Reports - SEO Gears

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Available with SEO Gears Jumpstart, Advanced & Professional.

The "Head to Head SEO Report" compares your website head to head with a competitor or similar site of your choice. Compare rankings, links, content, and authority to get an idea for where you stand compared to another site.

To Run a Head to Head Report

  1. Log into your your SEO Gears account
  2. Go to the Reports section using the top navigation bar
  3. Click the Run Head to Head Report button
  4. In the form that appears, select the competitor you would like to be compared to, or manually enter the URL of a new competitor you have not used before.
  5. Enter the keyword you would like to compete with.
  6. Click the Run Report button.

Understanding the Head to Head Report

Once you have created a report, you will then have a report processing on your reports list (click Reports from the top navigation to get to this list). Once the report is completed, it will no longer say processing; click on the underlined "Head to Head Report" of any completed report you would like to view.

The completed report will measure you against your competitor on the following fields

  • Keyword Ranking - This will show what page on search engines you are showing up in comparison to your competitor.
  • Links - This will show the number of overall links you have in comparison to your competitor.
  • mozRank - MozRank measures the link popularity that includes factors of quality links rather than just a number of links (higher is better).
  • ContentRank - This will rank your content relevance to the keyword in comparison to your competitor. If you would like to see an example of the SEO Gears ContentRank, check out this ContentRank Tool.
  • Keyword Density - This will check the density of your keywords in your page in comparison to your competitor. The optimal keyword density is between 2-4%.
  • Domain Authority - This will check many aspects the domain to determine the Authority (respect, optimization, and trust) which the domain holds in comparison to your competitor.
Reports can take up to 48 hours to process due to the data gathering process, although most reports are completed within 6 hours.
JumpStart Users - Three Head to Head reports a month will be the only reports available to you. We suggest waiting to use these until your site is fully indexed and also strategically spreading them out over each month. If you would like more reports a month or access to Check Up and Keyword Ranking reports, you will need to upgrade your account. Please see our upgrade instructions here:

If you are unsure of how to access your SEO Gears tool or if you need a good starting place, please read: