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Google Analytics Integration

OH SNAP! Google Analytics can no longer be integrated within the HostGator cPanel.

Don't fret! You can still set up Google Analytics directly at Google. Please go to for more information on how you can configure this amazing tool for your domain! If you are interested in a DIY SEO Tool to help boost your site traffic, check out HostGator's SEO Tools for more information.

Google Analytics is a site traffic monitoring system developed and maintained by Google. The tool works by adding a few lines of JavaScript code to all of the pages on your site and then reporting each hit to the Google Analytics server where you can view detailed graphs and statistics and see trends in site traffic.

To learn more about what Google Analytics can do for you, take the official product tour or Google Course at:

Note: HostGator will not be able to assist you in configuring your Google Analytics account as this is a third-party application.