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goMobi from eNom

This article only applies to customers that have purchased goMobi from eNom instead of HostGator. HostGator also offers goMobi as well.

Cancelling goMobi Bundled with eNom

For HostGator to be able to process a refund for the goMobi service, you must first cancel the service within your eNom account.

In order to cancel the goMobi service from eNom, please take the following steps.

  1. First, log in to your eNom account at http://www.enomcentral.com
  2. Click on More Products > Create a Mobile Site > Manage
  3. Select goMobi subscription name
  4. Select Cancel Service
  5. A pop up will appear, select "Lose business from mobile users." Supply a reason for cancellation and click Cancel Service.
Once this has been done, please contact our Billing department via phone or Live Chat (if you haven't already) with the following information so we may process your request for a refund for the goMobi service:
  • The eNom account username
  • The domain name the service was added to
  • The order ID number (if you have one)
The HostGator Billing team will address the refund request for you and reply to you via your ticket once this has been processed.