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Getting Started with eCommerce Store

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This content only applies to those using GATOR Builder by HostGator.

Once you have added an eCommerce Store to your Gator account, the onboarding flow will walk you through a guided experience that starts with adding your first product.

Quick Reference:

To Get Started with your eCommerce Store

  1. Begin by launching your website editor and choosing Edit Site from your main Control Panel.

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  2. Once you have Added a Store to your account, you will be able to select Manage Products and Orders.

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  3. If this is the first time setting up your store, you will see this pop-up:

    User-added image

  4. Hit Let's do it, to begin!

Step 1: Adding a Product

  1. First, select the type of product you would like to add to your store, then hit Continue.

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  2. Next, you will add in your Product Details

    Remember to put enough context here to thoroughly explain your product and encourage others to purchase. You can preview the details in the right-hand panel as you add it and click Continue when ready to proceed.

    User-added image

  3. Now to upload your product images.

    You can choose between Stock Photos or Uploading Your Own.

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  4. Continue to the next screen to enter your shipping preferences.

    You can now choose between Flat Rate and Free Shipping for each product you add.

    User-added image

    Selecting the shipping method here for a product will set the shipping method for all products going forward. You can change this later by Managing Store Settings.

Note: You can also setup Integrated Shipping from the advanced settings when Managing Store Settings

Step 2: Adding Store Information

  1. Once you have added a product, the next step is to add in your store information details.

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  2. Select Let's Do It to begin adding your store's information beginning with Business Address.

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  3. Hit Continue to proceed to the Taxes section.

    "Setting up automatically" allows the store to calculate taxes based off of location. You can always skip this so that you can update it later by Managing Store Settings.

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  4. Hit Continue to complete the Store Information steps. 

Step 3: Payment Methods

  1. On this step of the onboarding flow, you will see a screen for you to begin adding what payment method you will accept. 

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  2. Paypal is the recommended default option available during onboarding.

    You can select Sounds Good! Setup PayPal to continue or choose skip this step to Select A Payment Provider later.

    Note: the store cannot be published in the editor until a payment provider is set up. You will see a pop-up in the editor that indicates that store setup is not complete until a payment provider is selected.

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  3. If you chose to Setup PayPal, you will be prompted to either search for your account if you have one or create one with or without using the account details already provided to HostGator.

    User-added image

  4. Once properly set up, you will navigate to this confirmation screen below:

    User-added image

  5. Congrats! You can now Continue to the Store Insights page to complete this step.

    User-added image

Your store will now be set up with your business information, and your first product will appear from within the store section you created.