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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Looking for help for the GATOR Builder by HostGator Website Builder product? Please see GATOR's Knowledge Base.
This content only applies to those using GATOR Builder by HostGator.

What Is Gator?

Gator is the easiest way to give your business a professional, beautiful online presence. Sign up for an account, choose a template to build your website on, name your domain, and hit publish. The drag and drop website builder tool will let you design your entire site to fit your needs and vision, without you needing any coding or graphic design skills.

Do I Need Web Design Skills To Build A Gator Website?

Gator exists to make owning a personal website a reality for everyone, so you don't need any experience at all. Sound too good to be true? We've spent countless hours researching the website creation process to make it as easy to understand as possible. From design to a published website, the website builder tool will make creating your website as simple as just a few steps.

What Do I Need Before Starting To Build My Website?

You only need your name, email, and a unique password to get started. Once you create your account, choose from 1,000s of templates, choose a domain name, and hit publish.

To make the design process smoother, we do recommend having an idea of what you want your website to be about, plus having some content ready and a domain name picked out. With thousands of beautifully designed website for you to choose from, it's easy to make your website look professional. Although an eye for design never hurts, you can ultimately build your website using our drag-and-drop design elements and customizable templates.

How Much Does A Gator Website Cost?

We offer paid website plans that give you all of the tools you need to spread your brand across the internet, including advanced web analytics let you keep track of your website's impact, while other features like an online store give you the option to sell your goods to site visitors around the world.

Do I Need To Add A Blog To My Website? 

You can set up your website any way you want. If you want a blog, it's easy to add a blog page to your website and start writing. If you don't want a blog on your website, don't add a blog page and make your website however you'd like.

Blogs are one of the most popular personal websites available, but your website is for helping your business grow, getting your resume/portfolio page seen or sharing your hobby with the world. Plus, you can always change your mind later and add a blog at any time with just a few clicks.

Can I Preview My Website Before It Goes Live?

Previewing your website before it goes live is an essential part of the design process. You can preview any page of your site at any time while editing by hitting the “Preview” button at the top right-hand corner of the website builder window.

Can I Edit My Site After It Is Published?

You can edit and make changes to your website at any time by going into your Gator dashboard and clicking “Edit Site.” When done, click “Publish” to make those changes live.

Will My Website Work On All Devices & Browsers?

Having a website that is responsive, beautiful, and user-friendly across all devices is vital in today’s mobile world. All of our templates are fully functional across all devices, and you can always edit the appearance of your site to optimize it for desktop and mobile devices.

Do I Have The Ability To Put Social Media Links Or Buttons On My Website?

We want your website to be an accurate representation of you, your business, or your hobby. Therefore, there are several ways you can align your website with your social media presence, from embedded feeds to follow buttons.

I Already Bought A Domain Elsewhere, Can I Transfer It?

You can transfer any domain you own by first contacting your domain registrar. You need to request that the registrar unlocks the domain for transfer and provides you with the transfer code. This code sometimes is referred to as the EPP code, once your registrar has given it to you, please email us detailing the EPP code and the domain name, we can then begin the transfer.

I Bought A Domain With SiteBuilder, Will I Be Able To Transfer It Away If Needed?

Just like transferring a domain from another registrar, you can transfer your domain, but first, you must contact us and request that our team unlocks the domain for transfer.

How Can I Set Up An Email Address With My Domain? 

Whether you've purchased a domain through Gator or already own one, you can setup G Suite, email powered by Google, to start using all of their available tools.

Do I Need Website Editing Software To Manage My Website?

Our entire Gator platform is cloud-based, which means you can access your website editor from any computer or device with an internet connection.

How Do I Get People To My Website?

After your website goes live, identifying potential traffic referrals is a top priority. Your strategy for tracking and analyzing traffic depends on your unique needs and your audience. Some business wants to focus on the traffic coming from social media channels, while others focus more closely on attracting more on direct traffic by boosting their SEO strength.

How Do I Track Visitors? 

Knowing where your website visitors are coming from lets, you focus your marketing efforts in those key locations. You can monitor your site statistics at any time by clicking the Analytics button on your website builder dashboard, located under the Marketing tab.

Can My Website Have A Store?

You have the option to add an e-commerce store into any template that you choose. To sell services and products right on your website, all it takes is upgrading your account to include the store, uploading your products and clicking publish. Your customers can shop safely and securely at checkout, plus they will have all of the standard online payment options. Most commonly available when online shopping. The e-commerce store is a paid upgrade.

Will My Website Show Up On Google?

We want visitors to find your website, so we’ve given you the option to have your site be discoverable on search engines. If you ever find yourself making significant design changes and don’t want your website to show up in google searches, you can hide your website by clicking the “Edit Site” button and going into the website editor.

Once inside, click the gear icon on the bottom of your dashboard and then click the “Advanced” tab within the menu that pops up. A window will appear, and at the top of the window, you’ll see a box that says, “Hide Site From Search Engines.” Check the box and hit save to hide your site while you make your changes. Don’t forget to turn the site back visible again when you are finished.

How Can I Undo A Change?

If you ever make a change to your site that you wish to undo, click the undo arrow (the arrow pointing left) at the top of your screen. You can also go back to a previously saved version of your site by clicking the Save History button and selecting a date. Your website will then be setup as you had already saved it on that day.

How Do I Log Back Into My Account?

You can log in at any time from any computer or device. Click on the login button at the top right-hand corner of the Gator homepage.

Why Do I Keep Getting A 404 Page?

It is necessary to link your website with your domain name for the site to show up at that address. From your dashboard, click the 'Domains' tab on the left-hand menu. Click the 'Buy A Domain' button if you have not yet purchased a domain, or click the 'Connect A Domain' button if you've already purchased a domain and need to connect it to your website. Follow the instructions that appear in the domain wizard.