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Frequently Asked Questions and Getting Started With the Drag and Drop Editor (FAQ)


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What Is HostGator and its Drag and Drop Editor?
Gator is an easy to use online platform that allows you to create personal, business, and eCommerce websites without needing to code. Our traditional drag and drop editor will allow you to design your entire site to fit your needs and vision, without you needing any coding or graphic design skills. Signing up for an account will allow you to build your website, pick out your domain, and publish the site to make it live.

What Do I Need Before Starting To Build My Website?
All you need is your name, email, and a unique password to get started. To make the design process smoother, we also recommend having an idea of what you want your website to be about and having a few options for a domain name. Once your account is created you’ll be able to select from a number of different templates to get started, choose a domain name, and hit publish. Although an eye for design never hurts, you can ultimately build your website from scratch using the elements within our drag and drop editor. Click here to find more about How to Design a Website

Can I Add A Blog Or A Store To My Website?
We provide countless options when it comes to adding features to your website. If it’s a blog you need, all it takes is making a blog page and getting to work on your first post. If you'd like to include a store, we give the option to have a store with any site you create by upgrading your account to an eCommerce based plan, which gives you the ability to add unlimited products and services to offer your customers. As well, you can always wait on these features, and feel free to add a blog or store at any time with just a few clicks.

How Can I Undo A Change?
If you ever make a change to your site that you wish to undo, click the undo button, (the arrow pointing left) at the top of your screen. You can also go back to a previously saved version of your site by clicking the Save History button, (the clock with an arrow pointing back) and selecting a date. Your website will then revert back to the saved version of the site you selected. Save History is one of the many add ons we have available for purchase. 

Will My Website Work On All Devices & Browsers?
Having a website that is responsive, beautiful, and user-friendly across all devices is vital in today’s mobile world. That is why our traditional drag and drop editor has a tool to help you edit the appearance of your site to optimize it for desktop and mobile devices.

How Do I Get People To My Website?
After your website goes live, identifying potential traffic referrals is a top priority. Your strategy for tracking and analyzing traffic depends on your unique needs and your audience. Some businesses want to focus on the traffic coming from social media channels, while others focus more closely on attracting more on direct traffic by boosting their SEO strength. Our platform offers a number of options for Linking Social Media and Optimizing SEO. Additionally, we do offer options for users looking to advertise their sites via email marketing campaigns with Creative Mail. 

Will My Website Show Up On Google?
Everyone wants their website to be easily found online, this is why we have tools built into the editor to Optimize Your Site SEO. If you ever find yourself making significant changes to your website and would like to hide your site from search engines you can follow the steps to do so here