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Error Messages during One Click WordPress Install

There are a few instances when a customer may see an error message during one click wordpress install where their WordPress Installation may have failed.

One of the reasons is the time outs happening on the cPanel server.

As the Product Delivery team continues to work for a long term solution here are the steps that the Customer Service team can take to assist the Customer.

  1. Access this link to direct you to the Softaculous installation page inside cPanel. 
  2. Validate if a WordPress installation exists. Click on Installations at the top to see the scripts installed.

    Softaculous WordPress Installation

    WordPress Installed Scripts

  3. If an installation exists check to see if it works and be able to log into the WPadmin account.
  4. If it doesn’t, then delete the WP install and re-install Provide the customer with their username , password and wpadmin link.