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Error Messages during One-Click WordPress Install

There are a few instances when you see an error message during a One-Click install where your WordPress installation may have failed.

Please note that the One-Click feature only works for new Shared hosting packages and installs WordPress on the primary domain. This feature is only available in Shared hosting plans and is not applicable to Cloud or Reseller hosting.

If you experience this installation error, check your WordPress install within Softaculous.

To check your WordPress install via Softaculous:

  1. Log in to your cPanel.
  2. Look for the Software section and click on Softaculous Apps Installer.

    Softaculous Apps Installer cPanel Icon

  3. Click on the Installations box.

    Softaculous WordPress Installation

    Alternatively, you can click the All Installations icon in the top-right menu.

    All Installations icon

  4. On the Script Installations page, you will see all installations in Softaculous categorized based on scripts by default, and they are not limited to WordPress only. Locate your primary domain (where WordPress was installed via One-Click).

    Script Installations Page

  5. Once the WordPress install is located, check to see if you can log into the dashboard. Click the profile icon under the Admin column. A new tab should open, logging you automatically into your WordPress Dashboard.

    WordPress Installed Scripts

  6. If it doesn't work or you're unable to access the WordPress dashboard, you will need to remove the WordPress installation first, then reinstall WordPress via Softaculous.
Here are the helpful articles to guide you on deleting and reinstalling your WordPress in Softaculous.