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Editing a Logo in LogoMaker

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This content only applies to those using Gator Website Builder.

When editing within LogoMaker, the navigation on the left will allow you to edit and customize the base logo design you have chosen.
Within this area you can edit the following:


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Within the Name tab you can:
  • Toggle if you would like your brand name to appear on one or more lines.
  • Use the Capitalize switch to change the brand name to be in call caps.
  • Adjust the slider for a Color mix of letters between the primary and secondary color swatches.
  • Change the overall Font size of the brand name within the logo.
  • Alter the Letter spacing.
  • Change the Line height and spacing between multi-line logos.


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Within the Slogan tab you can:
  • Add or edit a slogan.
  • Adjust the Font size.
  • Change the Letter spacing.
  • Alter the Line height and spacing between the slogan and the brand name.
  • Change the alignment of the text for shorter slogans.
  • Add a line design at the beginning and ends of shorter slogans.


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Within the Symbol tab you can:
  • Add or remove a symbol to your logo.
  • Change the symbol Size.
  • Choose a Layout of where you would like the symbol to appear within the logo.


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On the colors tab you will have the option to select four (4) theme colors for your design for consistency with your brand and website.
By selecting the Swatch square, you can use the color slider or enter a hex color to set the color you would like to use. You also have the option to select the swatch color for each part of your logo. If there is a conflict with the color selection for that part that could cause visibility issues, you will see a warning appear.


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Within the Shape tab you can:
  • Show or hide a background shape.
  • Choose if you want the shape to be Filled or an outline.
  • Adjust the Line width.
  • Change the Margin of the shape from the text.
  • Alter the Roundness of the shape.

Top Navigation:

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At any time you can save the design to your account, download the logo to your device, use the undo or redo buttons to edit changes, as well as preview how your logo will look in various applications with it’s fonts and swatch colors.
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