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Edit Your Product Page

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This content only applies to those using Gator Website Builder.

Setting up an online store is one awesome undertaking made simple by Gator and the tools available in your account. After you have added an eCommerce Store to your account, you can edit the design of the pages that display when someone clicks on a product.

In this article, we will learn how to access the store's Product Page as well as How to Change the Design and How to Use Element Settings.

Pro Tip: The most important thing to remember about your Product Page is that the products in your store will look like this page someone clicks on it. Changing this page will change every product in your store to display with these settings as you change them.

Accessing the Product Page:

You can edit the design of your product page at any time by selecting Product Page within the Pages drop-down menu at the top of your main design dashboard. 

1. Click the drop-down and select the Product Page beneath the store page.
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2. Once your Product Page loads, you will see some "stock" information that gives you an idea of how this page will display live online.
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3. Click on a section or an Image to begin making changes to the product page.


Section Setting and Changing Images:

1. If you select the Change Style option for the section menu, and the more detailed menu will appear that has all the same setting as any other element.

You can change the backgrounds, colors, animations, positions and various sizes from these settings here.

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 2. To change the look of your overall page, select the Change Design option from the Section menu.
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3. A slide menu will appear on the left with some samples of the different page looks.

Pro Tip: Scroll through them, selecting one at a time to see the page to the right-hand side change to display that selections design elements.

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4. Once you land on a design you like, click Apply at the top right-hand corner to save and continue.
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Editing Product Page Elements:

1. Click around the product page, on specific elements to see which ones you can and cannot edit. You can move elements around the page or completely change the look as desired.

Pro Tip: Some elements on the page cannot be edited because the information being shown is actually apart of the Product Details you added when you first uploaded the product. Keep an eye out for a pop-up message that says " Product Field Element: This element cannot be edited..." To edit these settings, navigate to the Manage Products and Orders  page.

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2. Once you have made your changes click save or publish to finalize and save your changes.