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Domain Privacy

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When you buy a domain name, your Registrar is required to submit your contact information into a searchable database known as the WHOIS Database per ICANN rules. The WHOIS can be accessed by anyone online for free. The information contained within the WHOIS database is your LEGAL NAME, EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER, and PHYSICAL ADDRESS; amongst a host of other information about your domain such as PURCHASE DATE, REGISTRAR, EXPIRATION DATE, and NAMESERVERS.

With the risk of hacking, unwanted spam, and identity theft at its highest point ever, we understand the importance and necessity of remaining anonymous online.  In this article, we will cover what Domain Privacy is and how it applies to your domain names.

What is Domain Privacy? 

Domain Privacy is the only way to hide the information your Registrar is required to post online. By nature of owning a domain, it must be registered with a legal owner, which means providing a legal name, and address that can be verified if necessary.

Below is an example of what the WHOIS information might look like without Privacy:

User-added image

Below is an example of the WHOIS information with the contact information replaced with privacy:

User-added image

Does Domain Privacy cost?*

The short answer is Yes, but, the good news is, Gator have factored that cost into the price of each new domain registered with us; which includes new Domain Transfers.

When you purchase or transfer a new domain to us, that domain will have Privacy included in the cost of the domain purchase or transfer. Doing so allows us not only to provide a cheaper service but also ensure all domains have Privacy Protection moving forward.

*Previously, Gator charged separately for these services as an optional add-on. For all domains purchased or transferred before February of 2019, we will continue to renew the privacy addon and domain registrations as separate billable services.